Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Some of the Best Gifts are Free...or at least close to it...

This is one of those weeks I wish I had more time to post every day. There's so much going on - projects for my wedding reception, an answer to a frequent question I get, Cinco de Mayo, Teacher Appreciation Day...oh, yes...and Mother's day!

Since I've committed to doing one post a week...I chose Mothers Day for this week. (BTW...I post a new project/idea/party pics/etc every Wednesday...if you want to check back from week to week)

My mom always said, "The best gifts are free." Well here is a little Mother's Day centerpiece/gift that's just about free.

These are the materials you'll need - 

                                      * 3 old wine bottles (Other bottles can be used)
                                      * Goo Be Gone
                                      * Primer Spray Paint 
                                      * White Spray Paint
                                      * Computer printer
                                      * Glue Stick 
                                      * Flowers (bought or picked from your yard)

* This is the primer I used. 

STEP 1: Get all the goobly goop off the bottle. 

Enter my pal...

Sort of a super hero, if you will. Goo be Gone comes to my rescue occasionally when that stubborn tag likes to hang on. He's real easy to use. Just get ready, aim & fire away at the silly old residue. It's like the party goer who just won't leave...even after you've put on your pjs & everyone else left hours ago. (I'm just sayin) 

STEP 2: Print large letters of your mom's initials from your computer. I think I used the monotype cursive font. Cut out each letter. 

STEP 3: You can learn from my mistake...make sure the bottles are not "moist" (that words for my friend Jenny :p) on the outside. Weird thing...spray paint doesn't adhere too well to water. hmmm... Take the letter & add a tiny bit of glue from a glue stick to the back of the letter.

*Add just enough so that the ends won't come up

STEP 4: Place the letter on the bottle. Immediately spray with primer. 

STEP 5: As soon as the primer dries (it took less than 5 minutes for mine), spray the white spray paint (or whatever color you want) over the bottle covering completely. 

STEP 6: Wait about 5 minutes or so, then peel the letter away from the glass. Don't wait too long or else you won't be able to peel it off. 

SIDE NOTE: There were some splatters that sneaked their way into the letter, so I took a q-tip & nail polish remover & cleaned up the inside. Here's the...



Just the little hook part...I hadn't gotten to the rest of it at this point. 

Now you have a beautiful centerpiece to that breakfast in bed for mom that is personalized (with mom's initials) 


Wine glasses     free (already had them)
Primer      free (already had)
Spray paint    $0.99 (Home Depot)
Various materials (glue, scissors, etc)    free (already owned)

I know...I was trying to take an artistic pic below. Just humor me. :p

I think, especially if your children are older, most moms just covet time with their children. I hope you have a wonderful Mothers Day & Cinco de Mayo! :p 


  1. Oh, I SO did not like the usage of that unfortunate word! :)

  2. Great idea! I will have to try this! Thanks for sharing! :)


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