Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Trimmings and Tapas Party Part 1

So...Christmas was like soo last month...but since I'm a newbie to the blogging world, I'm hoping you'll cut me a little slack. Especially when I tell you about this party I threw during Christmas. First I wanted a party theme that was a little out of the box...then I gave myself a few challenges...

Challenge #1: Coming up with a favor to give the guests that wouldn't cost me a penny!

Challenge #2: Coming up with a fun theme where the guests could bring something or contribute something without it costing them a penny

Challenge #3: The WHOLE party...decor, food & all...costing under $50!

The theme? Trimmings (get it? You trim the Christmas tree with ribbons & bows? :-)) and Tapas (just because I sooo heart alliteration)

To go along with the Trimmings part of the theme, I asked each girl (oh...I forgot to mention...this was a girls invite only party...just because) to wear a bow somewhere on them. I got a silver ribbon & tied it around my waist (see pic below)...other girls wore it in their hair. It was fun to see the different bow fashions (Rachel Zoe, feel free to take note).

                                                        Meg, Myself and friend Ashley

And here comes challenge #1...I asked each girl to bring a piece of jewelry that they owned but never wore. (You probably have a one know, that piece of jewelry that never ends up quite going with anything, but is still really cute and you can't seem to part with it?!) Each girl wrapped up the piece of jewelry and we did a jewelry exchange at the party. It was soo much fun! Everyone loved their "new" jewelry and the best part....not a penny for our pockets! (BTW....connection....Jewelry = Trimmings :-))

Okay...guess I just covered Challenge #2 too!

How in the world was I going to pay for paper goods, decor and food for under $50? (Plus, we wanted to serve a little cocktail)

For the food, we wanted to serve tapas. I feel like tapas were invented for me, excuse me, for women every where. They are the perfect size...and the best can try a lot of different dishes without stuffing yourself! Instead of spanish tapas, I decided to do my own Southern Tapas. (a nod to being a Georgia Peach)

I'll talk about the food & the recipes in the next section. Here are a few pictures from the party...

                                                            Ready for the tasty tapas

      Oh man, this is making me hungry...I'm gonna grab a snack & I'll be back for Part 2 of Trimmings & Tapas

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