Friday, July 1, 2011

Edible Bunting

You know when you get fired up...commit to that workout program...swear to consume cabbage soup for the next 30 days...or just read more (whether your bible or that good book you've been wanting to start)...


Life Happens.

Your kids all get sick at the same time, a tree falls on the power lines to your house, you get stung by a bee cleaning up the debris...just silly ole life. Then you end up getting shut-eye instead of working out, eating those chocolate chips cookies because they were promising a little bit of comfort and watching Housewives of Orange County just b/c you didn't want to think for awhile.

Well...that's what happened to me this week. No, no...not the whole kids and tree thing. I did get stung by a bee...but that's small compared to the rest of the week.  Life just happened & I didn't get to post to the blog on Wednesday, like I committed to do since I started this sucker.

Work was just a rollercoaster ride this week & it just kinda sucked the life out of me. But, I took today off to get myself together & life goes one...I'll learn from this week & it will get better.

But ENOUGH of that! :-)

Let's talk bunting.

It's one of the latest crazes in parties.

It is such a simple & inexpensive party decoration that anyone can do. 

(p.s. I just checked out this glorioustreats blog...oh my...she has some adorable ideas!) 

Anyways...with 4th of July in a few days...I thought...I wonder if I could do an edible bunting. 

Disclaimer: I've been picking up a few photography tips here & there & trying to do a better job taking pics of these things. I attempted to use a "back drop" in this pic. Should've ironed it. :p I hate ironing. :p 

Thanks for being patient with me as I learn. 

If you squint while you look at the picture, you can't really see the creases anyways. That's what I do when I do my own nails. Hold them far away & squint. They look great! :-) 

Remember - Squint! 

If you want to recreate this for your 4th of July is really easy. 

Here's what you'll need:

* Various Fruits (the more dense, the better)
* Needle 
* Bamboo skewers (I used the medium size)
* Dental Floss

Thread the dental floss through the needle. Cut a long piece of the dental floss off & tie one end to a bamboo skewer that you insert into the watermelon (or whatever you're using). Begin threading the needle through the fruit in the pattern you want. Make sure you sterilize the needle before inserting into the fruit. It's like the perfect the pineapple, then floss your teeth. :-) 

Once you have your fruit strung, tie the other end to another bamboo skewer you insert into the other end of the watermelon. 

Here's a tip - Make sure you slice the strawberries & other fruit thick enough. This will give the fruit some stability. I made sure to thread about 3/4 up from the bottom of each fruit (except for the blueberries, obviously) so that it wasn't too thin at the top but it wasn't right in the middle, either. 

Hope you have a wonderful 4th of July! 

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