Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Where to Shop for Parties (List of Places I Got my Wedding Goodies From)

In two days, my fiance Mike & myself leave for Kaua'i (Hawaii) to get hitched & enjoy our honeymoon. (Whoo hoo & a little shake of the booty :-)) Mike brought me a Kaua'i guidebook yesterday & the book said, "It is prohibited by law to bring your worries." And since I am the law-abiding citizen I am...I will fully comply with this law. :-)

Are you a little confused? Are you thinking, "But, Heidi...I thought you were busy getting your PP (party planning) on for your wedding reception??"

We're backwards, not exactly go with the flow kinda people, so we're getting married FIRST (in Hawaii just the two of us), honeymooning & then August 20th we'll have a backyard wedding reception with all our peeps.

Seeing clearer now? :-)

I can't wait to show you the before/after of the backyard reception. The only thing that could completely derail everything? RAIN! Some prayers would be much appreciated! I may/may not be doing my "stay away rain dance" in the backyard. (If you're wondering what it looked like, click on the video below...Sandra Bullock & Betty White in The Proposal)

Okay...maybe I fibbed...Sandra's dancing was a lot more graceful than mine. :-)

For the backyard reception, I'm trying to make a lot of things & do things as cheaply as possible. There are some things I've had to purchase, though. I thought it may help you guys to see where I got some of my "goodies."

I got the yellow bakers twine from here. They also have printables, paper goods & cute packaging. 

Straws just make life happier, don't they? :-) You will be in love with Sweet Lulu as soon as you click on this link. Visions of pretty parties will be dancing in your head.

I didn't actually end up purchasing anything from here but I still wanted to share this cool site with ya. It's a blog that posts pics from real weddings & they oozing with creativity. If you got to this blog, look on the top right hand side. You'll see something called "Recycle Your Wedding." You can find all kinds of fun the typewriter above, wedding dresses, accessories, milk jugs & more. Even if you aren't planning a wedding, it's still a fun place to check out for party accessories.

The best place to find invitations, programs, table number, etc. I am a little biased. :p This is my friend Jenny Haddad's company but she is honestly one of the most creative people I know. She did my invites & is also doing a little program for the reception.

I didn't get anything from this site but I was really contemplating it. I'm 100% sure I'll be spending some moolah here. They have adorable plates, cups, gift tags, etc. So cute! 

Here are a few more sites that I found some great items -

6. Craigslist - I am renting my table linens from a girl I found on craigslist! She is getting married in the fall so she bought a ton of white table linens & is renting them out. I got them for 60% less than any other rental place. Just use precaution when dealing with craigslist...this world is just not what is used to be. :p (My mom used to say that all the time)

7. - I found some supplies for my favors here & even something to enhance the catering. :-)

8. GOODWILL - Love this place! Besides stocking up on Mason jars, I also found a WHOLE bolt of yellow fabric for $12!! Oh my goodness...I literally squealed, out loud, in the front of the store. I wish I was talented like my friend Kauri & could do the side, heel click jump...but alas, I am I just shook my booty. I can do that! :p

I hope this helps you plan your parties! Do you have any websites you love for party supplies? Or any tips?? Please share! :-)


  1. Ruffled Blog! How did I not know about this. Thanks for sharing. I'm all over it now. And good call on Vivian Elle Invitations. They (and Jenny) are the best! I hope your reception, wedding day and honeymoon are spectacular!

  2. I love that scene with Sandra Bullock! I will definitely say a prayer for great weather on your reception day! I hope you have a wonderful wedding and honeymoon! Can't wait to see pictures!:)

  3. Congrats on your wedding! This is a great list of resources, too - thanks for sharing!! Can't wait to see your wedding pics!



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