Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Game Day Grub

Who are you pulling for?? 

I decided who to root for based on extensive research & game analysis...


I know...sad, huh? 

I don't really have anything invested in either team...so I asked my fb friends who I should root for. The Giants had the most votes. So...Go Giants! :p 

If you're throwing a Superbowl party, here's what I'd suggest this year: 

Keep it somewhat simple. Make it feel like a sports bar. 

* Instead of a table cloth, use brown kraft paper to line the table.
* Use buckets around the room to hold peanuts or chips. 
* Baskets, foil pie pans, or mini pizza pans would make great plates. 
* Line a pie pan with parchment paper & fill with chips/fries/onion rings. 

For food, here's an easy, fast & cheap recipe that I came up with...

Here's what you need: 

Shredded Chicken
Pretzel Bread Bun
Mozzarella Cheese
Buffalo Wing Sauce
Blue Cheese Dressing 

When I added everything up, it came up to about $2.50/sandwich but that will depend on your local grocer. Side note: I got the pretzel bread from Trader Joes. 

Add a tablespoon at a time to shredded chicken according to taste. 

Top pretzel bun with shredded chicken, top with cheese & spread blue cheese dressing on bun. 

Voila! So simple & a little less messy than wings...


Just as delicious! 

That's my handsome hubby taste testing. He loved it...as in he said he could eat it every single day! Success! 

He downed the celery in the blue cheese dressing as well! :p 

Hope you enjoy your game day preparations! 

See you here next week for the Weekend Swap Party & a new penny-pinching party idea! 

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  1. My husband would love this! I am not sure what we are doing for the Super Bowl yet, but I might just have to make these sandwiches. Thank you for visiting my blog today and for leaving a sweet comment!

    1. Hey Jennifer! :-) Sorry I'm just now replying to your comment! Does it seem like the Super Bowl has snuck up this year? I do. I guess time is just flying. ;p Enjoying your blog! Have a great week!


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