Monday, January 30, 2012

Weekend Swap Party

Hope you had an awesome weekend! We had quite an entertaining weekend & I'll tell you about it in just a bit...

If you hadn't heard, I'm gonna try a new feature out & see how it works. 

Weekend Swap Party 

I want to get to know you I'll highlight one of you each Monday. You share what you did over the weekend, then I'll share something from my weekend. That way I can get to know you a little better. Kapeesh? :-) 

Meet Kasey: 

She's kinda a big deal! :-) You may recognize the handsome men in the photo. Constantine, guy on the far left, can't remember the other guy from the Bachelorette's name & of course the current Bachelor...Ben Flajnik. Kasey gets like that. What I mean is she works in the promotions department at the radio station & knows what's going on, when & where around Atlanta. I was a little jealous when she got to meet these guys...okay...alot jealous. ;p 

What was Kasey's highlight of the weekend? 

Kasey works with 1st grade girls in Passion Kids at Passion City Church here in Atlanta, GA. Instead of classrooms, they have tents. Kasey said, "The girls in that tent are the sweetest and it's just so awesome to get to love & minister to the girls every Sunday!" 

Kasey is from Marieta, Ga & here's her responses to my "get to know you questions" - 

* Things that Make You Smile - 
This may sound cheesy, but spending time with my friends. I love surrounding myself with uplifting people. I would say my friends are that & more. I am such a people person so any time I'm with people, it makes me smile. :D 

* Silly Addiction - 
Wow, hahaha. Probably sunglasses, they are my weakness. I am not allowed to go near that section!

* Craft/recipe disaster - 
Well anytime I craft, it is a disaster. I have a vision in mind, but it never turns out that way. Cooking, well that I am completely new at, so I haven't had any major disasters yet. But I will say the weirdest thing I have made are Black Bean Brownies. It's just black beans & brownie mix. They are DELICIOUS!!! 

(Yumm, Kasey...those sound great!) 

You can check out Kasey's blog at: 

Heidi's Weekend

The highlight of my weekend was being able to benefit from my Christmas gift to to see Jeff Dunham. If you've never heard of him's a clip - 

Mike & I have enjoyed watching his videos on YouTube so this was fun to see him in person. I did have a random blonde moment during the night. The place was packed & Mike commented that Jeff is really making some $$. I responded, "Well, I can't exactly talk out of my mouth." Mike responds, "Actually you do every day." Oh Heidi... ;p 

 And here we are...

Laughter really does a relationship good! Mike makes me laugh more than anyone I know...he even makes me snort...a lot! :p Having this night out to laugh & enjoy each other was awesome! I hope we continue to make this a priority every once & awhile! :-) 


  1. It looks like you had a great weekend. I am your newest follower.

    1. Hey Kate...first of all...thank you so much for following me! I really appreciate it! We had a weekend full of laughs & you can't beat that! You should be the featured follower for this coming weekend...if you'd like. Just email me at: if you'd like to be.


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