Sunday, April 22, 2012

Weekend Wrap Party - Earth Day Style

Hope you had a great weekend & did a little celebrating of Earth Day! Our overflowing recycling bin is evidence we celebrated to the fullest! :-) The best part was our trash can had hardly anything in it. Call us the king & queen of Earth day, if you'd like. Just kidding. It was a great weekend & I did celebrate Earth Day. 

If you're stopping by Parties for Pennies for the first time, I work in radio (that's my full-time dealio). Two Saturdays of every month I do a live broadcast from a car dealership (Carriage KIA/Nissan). This past Saturday, I wanted to do a project for Earth Day.

I found a really cool idea on this blog. You make seed starters out of recycled paper. 

Basically you take shredded recycled paper & tissue paper, soak in warm water, pour into a mold (or cookie cutter), squeeze the excess water, take out of the mold, sprinkle with flower seeds & let dry. 

Once it dries, you can plant it in a pot & wait for pretty flowers to grow. It was a fun project for the kids to do! 

If you want more detailed instructions go to the blog I got the idea from here

This is me & my little friend Rea! It was her birthday this past week so she was wearing her pink birthday dress. The best part of my job is seriously being able to meet such awesome listeners like Rea & others. 

We had a nice rest of the weekend too...hope you did as well! 

Stop back by Parties for Pennies this Wednesday for a Mothers Day project. :-) 

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