Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Babies on the Brain...

This week is a little cu-raze-ee for me. The Dove awards are in town so my schedule has been even more packed than it usually is. I was going to show you this fun idea for cheap lantern-like decorations but I have only been able to squeeze 20 minutes to work on my blog this week. So sad.

Someone once told me that no ideas are new. I halfway believe this. More on my philosophy regarding this later. I know. You can hardly wait. :p So...since my time is so short this week, I thought I'd share some really great ideas for baby showers from Real Simple magazine. A couple of my girlfriends have brand new babies...Joy Presley & Rachael I have babies on the brain.

Cheap & unique...library card invites for their "Great Expectation." (Gotta love baby shower themes for their pure cheesiness ;p)

How about a "She's Ready to Pop" baby shower? Here are some ideas of things to utilize -

Pop Rocks
Balloons (ofcourse - cheap & easy)
Soda Pop
Bubble gum

"Bun in the Oven" 

Timers as favors
You can save money by using a lot of kitchen things you already have

The little Peanut

I like this purely b/c I would include Nutter Butters somehow & they are sooo good! :-)

Peanuts are also super cheap & you can use them for decor. Like this -

Do you have any creative ideas for baby showers? Share, share! :-)

I'm sorry for the lack of newness in this post. I'll be back next week! :-) 

P.S. I can't wait to share some of the fun details of my wedding reception party! We're trying to go very cheap & it's gonna be fun. 

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