Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Party Crashin...Ashley & Jeff's Bridal Shower

I literally wish I could've crashed this party! The look of the food is mouth-watering, the setting is classy but fun and the penny-saving ideas are fabulous. Not to mention that one of the masterminds of this party is one of my best friends, Jenny Haddad. (She's the one in that cute green shirt...isn't she so pretty?) 

The couple in the middle are Ashley & Jeff (Jeff is Jenny's brother). Aren't they going to make some adorable babies? They're both just awesome people & I'm so excited for their upcoming nuptials. 

Speaking of awesome...Heather Ruark is on the far right in the pretty pink scarf & is possibly the sweetest person on the planet. 

Do you think you're looking at a restaurant? Nope. It's Nancy Ruarks sunroom! Don't be deceived by the looks of it to think they spent a ton of money. Here are some fun frugal ideas -

The runners were fabric they got from JoAnns (JoAnns always has coupons & really good prices). They used pink ribbon to tie in another color & the ribbon they got at Hobby Lobby when it was 50% off. 
The card in the tea cups is scrapbook paper used for the guests to write a special note to Jeff & Ashley. 

I love this pic below...

I'm assuming that is Jeff's cup. :p A hint of masculinity in the midst of pink & paisley. 

Look at this spread...

Tortellini Salad, Tea for guests

I love these little deserts that go along with the colors! (Brownie points if you noticed the middle treat was one we talked about on a previous post. Imitation Petit Fours)

These are the favors (& no they don't all have Ashley's name on them :p). Jenny printed two note cards for each guest with their own name on it. Isn't that a great idea? 

Here's another smart money saving idea. Jenny doubled up...not double dipped. She framed these beautiful pictures of Ashley & Jeff as a shower gift but also used them as decor. 

I'm so proud to call Jenny my friend! (It's not just because of her mad party planning skills, either!) 

Way to go! Anyone else planning or is already done with a bridal shower? Any ideas or tips? 


  1. Great ideas! I like the idea of using the pictures as decor and a present!


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