Tuesday, April 5, 2011

How to outsmart Pottery Barn....

Let's be honest. Who doesn't love, or at least like, Pottery Barn? Even the most "modern" decorators I know still admit that their eyes do a happy dance when they enter a Pottery Barn store. That happy dance slows to an Eeyore saunter when those eyes catch a glance of the price tag. Yikes. 

But...I came, I stared and I outsmarted PB! 

(Side Note: This is not about parties but a penny saving tip I thought I'd throw in for free! :p) 

First of all, PB was having a HUGE sale on their rugs this past weekend. My man (soon to be hubby) & I have been looking for several rugs to grace his hardwood floors for quite some time & have been (pun warning, pun warning) floored at the prices. PB had very reasonable prices for an 8x10 rug & so we jet-setted over to the Beverly Hills of Atlanta (Lenox) to clothe that naked floor. 

Still...an 8x10 rug is not something you can purchase by scraping up the bottom of your coin jar. That is when our sales guy went full-fledged into 50 reasons why we must also walk out with a rug pad. He had valid points so I decided to take a look at the prices. Surely it can't be that bad. How about only $20 away from $100? (Which is about 1/2 of what the rug was!) Those 50 reasons became just a blur. 

We brought the rug to Mike's house & I discovered something awesome. Something that I wish I could wave in front of the sales guys face & smile. (Not really...he was super nice but maybe I can get a little snooty when I figure out a penny-pinching plan) 


(Sorry it's so small)

It is left over cabinet/drawer liner!! We weren't sure what to even do with this but NOW...

It is our new non-slip rug pad! :-) It is great. It keeps the rug in place perfectly & there was enough backing on the rug that we didn't really need thick padding. 

Drawer liner - Bed Bath & Beyond $9.99 (with 20% coupon off)

And we only needed the remnants. 

Heidi = 1 Pottery Barn = 0 


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  1. Great idea! I love Pottery Barn but you are right very pricey! I go to the Outlet in Dawsonville quite often that is how we were able to get our couch and several other things for our house when we got married. Still some of the things are on the high side. I love hearing ideas like this. Thanks for sharing! :)


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