Monday, December 12, 2011

15 Stocking Stuffers Under $5

I LOVE stockings! I don't know why...I guess it's because there are little things stuffed into an oversized sock?? Yeah, that'd make sense. (detect my sarcasm ;p) Do you love getting stockings? Even though all us kids are grown, my mom still gives us stockings on Christmas & I LOVE it. Mom, please don't stop. ;p

Lip gloss, gum, socks, earrings, CANDY ;p...I just love the cute little things you cram into that stocking. The interesting thing is how quickly those things add up. I've come up with my own little list of unique stocking stuffers all under $5 (disclaimer: there are actually a couple of things that are $5.99 but, no joke, they were $5 2 weeks earlier when I was "researching" this...crazy). Hope this gives you some good ideas

1. Tattoo Ink Pad - Paper Source  $5.99
If I were a kid I'd be soo pumped to get this! ;p Ok...let's be honest, it'd be pretty cool 30! ;p 

2. Chocolate Magic Milk Straws - Paper Source $3.95
Regular milk turns into chocolate milk with these cool straws

3. White Ceramic Owl Candle - Cost Plus World Market $4.99
This would be perfect for a college student. I actually got one in a different color for Christmas for my sister but shhh...don't tell her. 

4. Wind-Up Duckies - Cost Plus World Market  $3.99
For young children these would make bathtime so much fun! :p 

5. Little Coloring Pencils - Sweet Lulu $3 
For the budding little artist in your family. These are just too cute! 

6. Beanie, Glove & Scarf Set - Old Navy $5 
This is pretty much ageless. There are some other fun colors but this particular one caught my eye. 

7.  Leather Headband - Old Navy $2.99
What little girl wouldn't love this pretty in pink headband? 

8. Fun Shapes Paper Clips - Urban Outfitters  $1.99 
These are almost fun enough to make homework exciting! :p 

9. Cupcake Snack-tainer - Urban Outfitters $4 
Your daughter will be the hit of cafeteria with these fun snack containers. 

10. Mustache/Lips Lollipop - Urban Outfitters $4 
Who didn't love the candy lips?? Now you can have them in the form of a lollipop! 

or for the "men" of the family...

11. Get the Hint Stickers - Urban Outfitters 2 for $10
Great for Highschool age kids...okay so it may not be their top choice as a fun stocking stuffer, but you'd get a laugh out of it & probably use it. :p 

12. Cupcake/Bacon Floss - Urban Outfitters $6
These were $5...sorry about that. ;p But if this fun floss will get your kids to floss their teeth, the extra buck'll be worth it! A lot cheaper than fillings!

Or for the boys...

13. Hand Puppets - IKEA $3.99 
Perfect for an impromptu puppet show! 

14. Personalized Name Straw - Krazy Straws $2.99 
Who doesn't love straws? If you have several kids, a straw with their own name on it would be even more special. 

15. Dog Biscuit Mix - Crate & Barrel  $3.95
For the dog lover in the family or even fido himself. They also have some dog biscuit cutters for under $5, too. 

Since we're talking about gifts...I wanted to show you a gift basket I'm giving to a client & the homemade gifts I'm giving my co-workers this year. 

He & his wife recently got back from a trip to Italy so I wanted to give them something to bring back memories. This is a gift basket of one of my favorite Italian stores here in Atlanta, Bella Cucina. They have this amazing artichoke lemon pesto that makes an amazing dip. 

I included the artichoke pesto, dipping crackers, flatbread, the recipe for the dip & a bottle of Italian wine. Perfect for a romantic night alone or to serve as an appetizer amoung friends. 

I love gift baskets. I feel that it gives someone an experience more than just a gift. 

As far as my co-workers...

I have about 50 or so co-workers. Small enough to feel horrible if I give gifts to a select few but enough to go broke if I bought them all gifts. Each year I do something homemade. Hopefully useful or tasty. Last year, I saw an idea on a blog. I'm pretty sure it was, Fly Through Our Window, but I looked all over the blog this year & couldn't find it anywhere. All this to say...this is my modified version of what I felt inspired by last year. 

And here's the final product...

I put each notepad in a clear bag with some mints in it. Total...I think each notepad came to around $1. I just bought the post-it notes, a big book of black & white design cardstock scrapbook paper (50% off at Michaels so it was $10) &  a pack of alphabet stickers that were a few dollars. 

This post is just a mix-up of all kinds of things! I wanted to show you our tree. I didn't want to buy a whole lot of ornaments this year (I've had purple in years past) so I went really cheap & homemade. 

The poinsettas I made from felt, the red bead garland I found at Goodwill for $0.77 & I made dove ornaments from some cardboad wrapping material. 

It's simple but I like it. :-) 

Next week, I'll show you some different ways to wrap your presents on the cheap! I found the CHEAPEST wrapping paper too...and it's not newspaper  (or Trader Joes bags...but those would be cheap). 

Hope you're enjoying your holiday season so far! :-) 


  1. Heidi, I adore the candle owl- what a steal!

  2. Thanks Jennifer! If you do go to Cost Plus...there is another owl that I HAD to get & it is soo cute! It's bigger & I call it my "snow owl." I used it to dress my dining room table. I'll have to show you a picture next week. Thanks for stopping by & commenting! <3 Heidi Rew


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