Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Bling Bling for Zero Cha-Ching (New Years Eve Decor)

This week is already kickin my red-raw-nosed tissue blowing self. I hate being sick. Hate. It. I have now realized that I may me a crabby old lady. I just get so irritated at the fact that I'm sick. So...with that up beat beginning to a blog post...let's dig right in. ;p

New Years is so fun to celebrate because...who doesn't love new beginnings?? Especially those that love goals & to-do lists...bring it on, 2012! But if you are like me & accidentally spent way too much money on Christmas dinner (read about it here), your New Years shindig has to be cheap to the O.

Enter Mr. Aluminum Foil...

Everyone has him laying around, right? Well...try this little project...

Just tear a piece off that's 6 inches long...easy. 

Depending on how big you want this stirrer to be, you may want to cut the folded foil in half, then cut the strips. 

Since I had ran out of lollipop sticks, I actually used a small skewer.  

You could use this for a stirrer, drink decorations or food picks. 

Next up, you need an old bottlecap, silver spray paint/regular paint, nail & a hammer & a gold paint pen.

Spray the bottletop silver. Let it dry. Take a small nail & use the hammer to make a hole at one end of the cap. Write each persons initial on the cap or numbers. 

I used some silver curly ribbon to tie it around the stem. 

Here it is all together. I'm hoping to be back tomorrow night with a good hostess gift idea! 


  1. Brilliant! I am your newest enthused follower! I found you through tatertots and jello and I am so glad I did. I LOVE Your blog!

  2. Thank you so much Tickled Pink! Can't wait to check out your blog too! Really appreciate you stopping by & I love the name of your blog!


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