Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Curly Cue Chandelier

So...have you noticed anything different?


No? Why do I suddenly feel like every woman after they change their hair & want their men to notice? ;p

Parties for Pennies has a new look. I've been wanting to update the site for awhile but didn't want to pay a ton for it. Enter Designer Blogs. They have $10 templates. :-)  And they're really cute. Eventually, I'd like to get a custom site, but for Ginger, the template.

Now to the good stuff.

Planning a party & need some added decor to give some sparkle? Pizzaz?'s how to make a cheasy (this is my new term for cheap + easy) curly cue chandelier.

This is whatcha need -

Step 1 - Undo the wire hanger & shape to a circle. I used a glass bowl to guide the shape. 

Step 2 - Cut a piece of ribbon to twice the length that you want the chandelier to be. Secure it around the wire hanger like this...

I alternated ribbons going around the wire.

You could do the same color or alternate. 

Step 3 - Continue wrapping the ribbon until it covers the entire wire. 

*This process took me two nights of Dancing with the Stars but it was worth it for 80s night. Just letting you may want to catch up on reality shows while doing this. 

What do you think? I actually didn't even curl these ribbons. But you may want to, depending on how tight the curls you want. 

I think this would be perfect for a princess party or...I picked up a few $1 butterflies from Michaels & I think they add a fun punch. 

Now, a little closer...

Now for the $$$....

Wire Hanger  = Free (from my closet)
Curling Ribbon = $3.16  (4 at $0.79 each) I already had some, so you may need more or less, depending on how big your wire circle is.
Butterflies = $3 ($1/each from Michaels)

Total = $3.16 (without the butterflies)
$6.16 with butterflies'

Hope this adds some sparkle to your next party! 

I would love your input on the new background/layout. I'm hoping to update the layout more in the coming weeks & make things easier to find, so let me know if you recommend anything. 

Thanks for reading & for your input!


  1. I love that Kauri took the time to figure out how to leave a comment! :) Haha...LOVE this post. This would be adorable for a little girl's birthday party!

  2. Love the new page!! I have 2 little girls and will DEFINITELY be using this idea!! I love it, its so frilly, bright and girly...thanks for all the awesome ideas!! Keep up the creative work!

  3. LOVE the new look!

    And those chandeliers are ridiculously cute!

  4. Thank you guys! I really appreciate you taking time to comment & for those who took time to "learn" to comment! ;p


Anything you say, can & will be used to enhance this blog. :-) Thank you for your comments! <3