Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Halloween Costumes for $5 or less

When I was younger, August rolled around & I had my Halloween costume already nailed down...or at least down to several choices. Now...October creeps up faster than the stranger that catches you checking yourself out in the mirror.

How many of us have a lot of extra time to hunt down Halloween costumes for the whole family? And costumes that won't max out our credit card too! In honor of National Costume Day this Sunday, I've put together costume ideas that are $5 or less, easy to make & are unique (sorry...not gonna find the typical pirate or princess costume here).

*Below each picture, I'll link to the source if you want to find out more details

So cute & so simple...just use a white posterboard.

Isn't this brilliant? Made with silver & white cupcake liners.

Love the coke bottle scuba gear!

*This safari costume is made up of a paper bag (vest) & toilet paper holders (binoculars)

Soo easy...old box + plastic cups + spray paint = Lego man!

I think I have found my costume for this year! :p

So cute but I'm not sure how they did the Easy Mac container.

This may end up to be over the $5 limit, if you don't already have the correct color towels but I thought it was a cute idea & still inexpensive.

I love this costume b/c I think it could be a great adult costume too. I would just need to brush out my hair, wear my glasses & leave my eyebrows untweezed!

Isn't this so presh?? I want a baby just so I can dress them in this outfit. :p

The costume ideas above are obviously not my own ideas. I have a few of my own, but unfortunately I didn't have a rolladex of kid models to help me out (I mean...how awkward would that be??? creepy creepster), Guinness (my stepdog) gave me a 25 page rider (contract & expectations) & I had to draw the line at paw rub & Mike...well...the look he gave me when I asked if he'd model costumes for me said it all. So...I'm just going to list my ideas & describe them. Hopefully next year, I'll have some willing participants.

COSTUME IDEAS (under $5):

Reality TV
Take an old box, cut out a square on one side, add a "power" button, volume buttons, paint black/silver & set it over your head...YOU are reality TV

Swiss Cake Roll 
Take 1-2 white towels & 1-2 dark brown towels. Lay the white towels down on top of the dark brown towels. Roll the combo around your mid-section & pin in place - Swiss Cake Roll

Iron Chef (America)
Get a chef hat, an iron & tape a small american flag on your back or on the front of your shirt.

Kids At Play 
You could do this with two pieces of yellow posterboard. Attach ribbon to the top of either piece & write "Kids At Play" on one of the pieces of posterboard.

Take two trash can lids, spray paint black & wear white clothing. Attach the trash cans with white ribbon that rest on either shoulder.

Rubix Cube
I had thought of this idea & thought...woah...what a great idea. Yeah...someone has done it before. ;p Just take an old box, spray paint black, cut out squares of different colored construction paper & glue to the box. Leave space for your head, arms & legs.

Wear a yellow ski cap with eyes cut out (go around the eyes with black magic marker), wear a yellow shirt & gray pants.  

If you live around the Atlanta area, check out the Costume Swap in Smyrna. Drop off your gently used costumes between now & this Friday. When you drop a costume off, you get a ticket & you can come back on Sunday to get a "new" costume. What a great way to save money!

Do you have an easy Halloween costume idea? What about a favorite costume you've worn in the past? Did you ever win a costume contest? I did, in middle school. I was a California Raisin & I carried around a boombox that played "Heard it Through the Grapevine." Yep...me dressed up as a dried up grape...that dances...that's a winner. ;p


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