Wednesday, October 12, 2011

A Tale of Halloweens Past

Several moons ago...three roommates decided to host a murder mystery Halloween soiree. It was such a success word spread far & wide. With requests coming in droves from a few friends to make this an annual began the Halloween party tradition @ the 364 (this is what we named the house we rented...and "we" being myself & my two roommates).

This story does not have a happy ending because the tradition has been stalled this year. :-( I got married, moved out & now have a husband to answer to. (that sounded harsher than I meant) After our wedding reception, my studly husband said we needed to hold off on parties for a little bit. AHHH...Withdrawal! :p

pss...I have a fun party in the works that you guys will actually be invited stay tuned. :-) 

I decided to show you a few pics from last years Halloween case it'll help you plan a Halloween party this year (so jealous). ;p 

DISCLAIMER: This blog was not even a thought when we planned this I apologize for the pics & failure to capture specific details. 

Halloween Party 2010 

Food Budget: $50 
Decor Budget: $50 
People Count: 50-60

Outside Decor: Lots of spider webs! They're super cheap & really make a difference aesthetically. The fact that it was an older house helped too. :-) 

Inside Decor: We used A LOT of candles, more spider webs, borrowed a fog machine, hung an old sheet in the bathroom that had blood on it (fake, obviously...I'll tell you how to do just a bit) & hung pictures of eery things. If you find pictures on the web, print them off on your computer then put them in frames you already have. A great resource for this is iStockPhoto. You could also probably find a lot of free pictures too. Some key words to search: Crows, Full moon, Old black & white pictures

What's in the caldron, you ask?? Glad you asked...

Since we were working with a VERY small food budget, I came up with a snack that is budget friendly & eaaassy to make. Popcorn is a great base b/c it's so cheap. Is it me or has candy corn gotten more expensive over the years??? Maybe it's because I used to always wait until the week after Halloween to get it. ;p Still, it's not too bad. The yogurt pretzels I got from Fresh Market & the cool thing about that is they sold them by the pound, so I could get as much/as little as I needed. You could also make your own with white/milk chocolate. 

This is part of the spread...I didn't even get the rest of it photographed. :-( I'll tell you about what you can see in the pic, though.
  1. In the white pedestal - Breadstick fingers. I used canned breadstick dough & formed the fingers, then topped them with almond slivers. I had marinara sauce (blood) to dip them in.
  2. The cheese tray is pretty explanatory. Since our budget was so small...I cut out the labels from the cheeses & taped them to tooth picks in order to label them. I just love that plastic rat. ;p 
  3. The thing in the top right corner is a fast, easy Halloween party food! It's just a block of cream cheese with strawberry jam on top! Cheap + Easy = Love (hmmm...that's what my husband says about me too. ;p) 

* Those candle sticks used to be gold & $1 each from Goodwill. I spray painted them black & sprinkled them with black glitter. 

Isn't dry ice so fun?? ;p Actually...they wouldn't let me touch it. I'm a little accident prone. We basically sat the dry ice in the caldron & set a glass bowl inside with the "witches brew." I wish I could remember what exactly was in the witches brew...but I can't think of it. My sister & I usually try and think of a mixed concoction that is the cheapest to throw together. 

I know this is a crazy picture...but I wanted you to see this adorable costume idea. Jim & Kristy are friends of ours & she came as a kitty & he dressed up as "cat litter." Easy & funny couple costume. They even won a prize. Here are some of the costume prize categories:

Best LOL Costume
Best Celebrity
Most Creative

*There were others...I'm just forgetting them. Which is why I started this blog...just so I can remember everything. ;p 

For prizes, we wanted something good but within a budget. We ended up buying Groupons & giving those certificates. One was an art class (for the most creative), another was for a comedy/improve show (Best LOL) & there were others just for nice restaurants. I also had some Groupon bucks in my account so it really didn't affect the budget too much. 

I wanted to include the picture above b/c the cute blond is my sister. We didn't get any of just us. :-( But she's been my partner in crime planning the Halloween parties & I couldn't have done it without her (or the rest of my family who usually shows up to help!)

We organized a Haunted Basement that took a lot of work but was well worth it. Even though I love Halloween because you get to dress up & eat candy. ;-) I don't like to scare we made sure there was a good ending to our haunted basement. I wanted to share the script with you but for some reason I can't open it. I'll try again later on. 

One thing we needed for the Haunted Basement was fake I made my own. Here's the recipe -

One More Cheap Idea - I wrote on the toilet seat (only on the bottom of the seat) "Watch Your Back" in red marker in our bathrooms. There were a lot of laughs from that one. And...a lot of guys watching their backs. ;p Only problem...apparently red magic marker doesn't come off of toilet seats very well. Yikes...maybe try a dry erase marker. 

So...are you planning a Halloween party? Can I come? ;p jk Any great ideas that you're planning on doing? Is it weird that I made fake blood? My sister & I definitely felt weird as we were making it. 

If you want ideas for a theme for a party, birthday party ideas, baby shower ideas...feel free to email me or comment here. Thanks so much for stopping by! I appreciate you!


  1. This looks like a fun party!!! Maybe next year you will get to host again!

  2. So fun!! I am hosting a Halloween dinner with good friends. I like to make gross looking food (that tastes good!)and my "trademark" is my puking pumpkin dip. I carve the pumpkin so he has a huge hole for a mouth, then he goes on a cookie sheet or platter and the dip gets poured around the mouth so he looks sick! Still working on a post about last year's party! : ) Thanks for all of the great party ideas you share with us!

  3. I hope so, Brittany! :-) Aimee...I love the idea of the puking pumpkin dip! So creative. I'm checking it out right now! :-) And...can't wait to see the post about last years party. I love your blog! Both yours & Brittanys! Thanks for the comments ladies!


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