Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Free Easter Printables

Can you believe Easter is a little over a week away? Doesn't it seem like time has just flown by? 

I have to say that this weeks project is a little self-serving. I've been wanting to try my hand at creating printables & I thought Easter would be a perfect time. 

Here's how I used the printables: 

* First of all, gather these supplies - 

White Cardstock Paper 
Clear treat bags
Various Easter candy
Glue Stick

* Copy & paste these printables onto whatever word processing program you use. 
I was able to fit two of the printables onto one regular piece of paper. 

* Print the printables onto the white cardstock & cut them out. 

* Fill the bags with candy. I had to cut off a good amount of my bags b/c they were fairly large. It will just depend on your bag size. 

* Fold the top part of the bag over & staple the edge, just to secure. I only stapled twice. 

* Fold your printable in half & generously use your glue stick to cover the unprinted side. 

* Adhere the printable to the top portion of your stapled bag. 

Now you have an adorable little Easter goody bag for your kids friends, a neighbor or just random strangers...cus who wouldn't want a random gift of peeps?? ;p 

Okay, here are the printables. There are some that have a religious message & some do not. Since I am kid-less, I'm not sure what's okay in the public schools & what's not...so I provided you with options. 

"90% of people eat the ears first. It's okay to be different." 

Plain jane: "Happy Easter!"

"Easter is a time Jesus reminds us just How much He Loves Us!"

"Some Bunny thinks you're Awesome!" 

This one I didn't make to fold over. You can if you just cut more of the white plain cardstock. I attached it to the front of my goody bag. You could also use it as a cupcake pick. Just attach a toothpick. 

"Which came first, the Bunny or the Egg? Neither...the Cross." 

Okay...so this was my first attempt at printables & I promise I am going to get better! :p I will deliver better quality printables in the future & I hope you keep me to that! ;p 

Side note: I forget that most guys don't know what you mean when you say "printable." ;p I've had to try & explain them a couple of times! ;p 

Are you planning an Easter Egg hunt? What was your most memorable Easter Egg Hunt? 

Hope you are having a wonderful week! If you have any questions about the printables or need me to tweak anything for you, leave a comment below or email me: heidi@heidirew.com 


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  1. Heidi, LOVE your creative ideas that I can do on a budget! thank you!!

    1. Thanks so much Jill! I love your blog too! Inspiring. :-)


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