Wednesday, March 14, 2012

T-Shirt Bunting

Howdy! ;p 

Hope you're having a great week. Not sure where you live but here in the A.T.L (Atlanta) it's supposed to be in the 80s today! 
80s in March. 
Some serious bipolar wardrobe disorder goin on here in the South. 

I've taken a crazy situation, though, and tried to use it to my advantage. I've used this as a platform in my campaign to get a bigger master bedroom closet. Here's what some of my speeches have sounded like, "Honey, could you go grab the summer clothes box downstairs...oh, the winter clothes box. You know, if I had a bigger closet I could put summer & winter clothes in it & you wouldn't have to dig out the boxes anymore!" 
What do you think? Do I have more of a Ron Paul or a Romney chance? ;p

Speaking of clothes...
Have you ever said or thought this to yourself? 

I have way too many t-shirts! I really should get rid of some. But...what if I need them for painting...or a rag...or a party decor item???? 

Okay...I snuck in the last one. But when I show you this, you may start including that one. 

I got inspired on a trip to Anthropologie. I always do. 
They had, what looked like strips of old tee shirts hanging down on a wall. I thought...

Old T-Shirts + Scissors = The party's darling...the BUNTING! 

This is such a simple, easy party project. So let's get this party started... 

First, gather up some old t-shirts. If you don't have could go to Goodwill (although those prices aren't what they used to be, for clothes) or snag some at a garage sale. 

Since Georgia weather has skipped right over Spring & into Summer, I decided to do some fun springy colors. 

First I decided I wanted my bunting to hang about 8 inches. I measured 8 inches, then started cutting across the bottom of the shirt.

There was enough space on this shirt to do 2 8" strips. 

Cut along one of the seams (if there are seams) to make it one long strip. 

Because this strip was at the bottom of the tee, I used the seam at the bottom of the tee shirt as the top of my bunting. 

I measured just under 2 inches & cut a strip. I left about an inch to an inch & a half at the top (uncut). You'll see in this next picture. 

Do you see what I mean now? Leaving a little uncut at the top. 

I think smaller strips would look really cool too. You could even do the triangles. Like this...

You can see that the triangle/flag section didn't have a seam at the top. It's fine if it doesn't. In fact, it ends up looking really cool b/c it will kinda curl over. 

Here's the finale! It's something so simple, you can do with old t-shirts & adds such fun decor to a party. You could string several sections across a room. It's up to you what colors or patterns you do. 

What do you think of the "H"?? I used my new Cricut, that my sexy husband got for my bday. It's really a fun toy but there is a learning curve. (hence why there is only an "H" in the final picture ;p) 

Minus the "H" ;p 

What do you think? Do you think this looks simple enough for you to make? Would you use it for a birthday party? Shower? 

Hope you have a Happy St Patricks Day! My in-laws are coming & staying with us this weekend so I'm going to attempt to make an Irish dinner & dessert on Saturday night! I'll let you know how it turns out on Monday, when I do my weekend wrap party. 

What are you doing for St Patricks day? 



  1. Such a cute idea, Heidi! I love those, and they would be really easy & economical for a party!

    We're heading to the Dekalb Farmer's Market on St. Patrick's Day, which will be a most of the day outing. I have a few fun things for my kids (well, mostly my 8 year old, the 17 year old is too cool for my tricks!) like green milk for the Lucky Charms at breakfast, and a green glow-stick bath for my son before bedtime! Hope you have a great visit with family this weekend!

    1. Hey Aimee! Thanks so much! How was Dekalb Farmer's Market? I love that place but I've realized I cannot go on a weekend. I'm so short...I just get ran over! ;p And you are on the same page as my hubby, Mike...he had to have some Lucky Charms too! ;p Hope you're doing well! Are you going to the Haven Conference here in June?

  2. Awesome Idea!!! I LOVE my cricut too, use it all the time!!!!

    1. Oh my must be a pro at it. I need to learn from you! ;p I'm still learning the basics. Where do you get your cartridges at? I saw some on actually that were about $25-$30. Thanks so much Charlotte! :-)


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