Sunday, March 25, 2012

Weekend Wrap Party - Stenciled Wall

When I was a little girl, I loved getting the mail & seeing the Publishers Clearinghouse Sweepstakes envelopes! I had seen the commercials. I believed Ed McMahon. I just knew one day, we'd win. I was always appalled that my mom wasn't as confident as I was! As you can tell, I'm an optimist.

That said...I have rarely won anything in my life. I won a coloring contest when I was younger (even then I knew it wasn't based on pure coloring talent...although I had coloring technique ;p) & won a radio contest for concert tickets.

A couple of weeks ago, I added another win to my arsenal! Woot woot! Amanda from Serenity Now (if you haven't checked her blog must immediately put that on the top of your priority list! stat! :p) did a link party & included a giveaway. I linky-ed up & lo & behold. I won!

What did I win? Something I had been eyeing for awhile.

A Wall Stencil from Cutting Edge Stencils! A girly dance ensued after this news! :-)

Here's how it worked into my decorating plans -

Misson: Gallery Wall on Hallway (Main Floor) + Stenciled Wall = Fabulousness (at least I was hoping)

Wanna see the before? 

I gallery wall is so puny. I'm planning to add to it. I promise! ;p 

I chose the Casablanca All Over Stencil but Cutting Edge has so many beautiful stencils to choose from. I ended up going with the same color we used on the guest room - Nimbus Cloud (from Martha Stewart...but we get them to match that color in the cheaper Behr paint). 

I know it's a little hard to see but here's the after. The hallway has the worst possible lighting with no natural lighting so photos are a challenge. 

I love how it turned out. Once we (my friend Kareena came over & helped me) did the first couple stencil sections, it really was easy. I'd definitely recommend buying the stencil supply kit that Cutting Edge offers. They give you a level that attaches to the stencil, a foam roller (that's awesome) & a stencil brush. 

Kareena came over one night after work (I don't get home til after 8p) & we ended up knocking almost all of it out in one night. I did go to bed around 2am, though. We started at the top, used painters tape to secure the stencil, made sure it was level then took the foam roller & went over the stencil a couple of times. Bam! ;p 

That's the guest bedroom in the background. May I point out a prized possession of mine? The white ceramic moosehead on the wall above the bed. Mike got it for me from my Christmas wish list & I'm in love....oh yeah, with Mike too. ;p

Here's a closer look at the stencil. It's not super dramatic but I think it gives a subtle "pizzaz" to the hallway. 

That picture of us was taken by a wonderful photographer, Kimberly Herbert (click on her name for her website). She did an awesome job if you're looking for someone to snap some pics! :-) 

We also have a picture of our wedding in Hawaii, some older picture of Mike's Aunt & Uncle & his dad & we're still adding. Oh...and I framed an H&M bag that Kevin Avery (from the morning show on 104.7The Fish) brought back (he & his wife) from Paris! He knows how much I love H&M...and it's Mike & my initials. It's a fun little addition to the gallery wall. 

Have you ever thought of stenciling a wall? It's really a cheap way to instantly update a room. Cutting Edge Stencils gets the P4P stamp of approval for affordability & style! 

Do you do any updating around your house this past weekend? 

Can't wait to show you what fun Easter project I have in store for you this week! See you on Wednesday! 

Thanks again to Cutting Edge Stencils & Serenity Now


  1. It turned out so nicely!! I'm so glad you won and were able to use the stencil. :)

    1. Thanks again Amanda! I say a quick thanks to SerenityNow & Cutting Edge Stencils every time I walk down the hallway! :p

  2. What is the paint color of the wall? Thanks!! Looks great!

    1.'s called Nimbus Cloud. I believe it's a Martha Stewart Paint color but we had it mixed in Behr paint to save money. Sorry for the delay...we had to dig out the paint swatches. ;p <3 Heidi


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