Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Idea for a Bridal/Baby Shower Brunch

Whew...what a week. 

I know you know what I mean. :-) 

We all have weeks that are just crazy. Weeks you have to remind yourself that you need something more to eat than the snickers bar you scarfed down waiting at the stop light while you're making a phone call & composing an email in your mind. Weeks like this make me do moms do it? They have weeks like these...that are months...years. 

Let's take a moment & give each other a award for a messy kitchen...the most piles of laundry & for the longest time it's ever taken you to unpack from a trip! ;p 

I just got back into town so I apologize for  not getting this post done sooner & I totally skimped out on the weekend wrap party. I'll make it up to you. I mean I'll make it up to my mom...b/c I think she's the only one that really wants to know what went down on Heidi's weekend. Anyways...this Monday there will be a recap of the weekend that I braved a tornado, torrential rain, snow & silly string. Intrigued? No? Okay...let's get on with this show. 

Over the weekend, my friends Kauri & Rachael were discussing a baby shower they're throwing in a couple of weeks. It's going to be a brunch, which is fun but also tricky. 

Several years ago, I threw a bridal shower brunch for a friend of mine. I remember running around like a contestant on Wipe Out trying to make sure I had everything coming out hot & fresh at just the right time. That's why I love this idea. It's healthy, fun & easy to throw together. It's not super cheap (b/w $10-$15) but will anchor down your brunch so you can skimp on other foods. 

Yogurt Bar 

My friend Kauri was the one that came up with this suggestion & I love it. Besides being a great conversationalist, hilarious, beautiful, adventurous & creative...she's the person that you need on speed dial when searching for a meal to make/unique recipe/delicious dessert/etc. She's never steered me wrong when I've asked for a recipe recommendation. 

Along with the yogurt bar, you could do - 

Quiche in muffin pans 
Cinnamon Roll Cupcakes*

*For the Cinnamon Roll Cupcakes just use a vanilla cake mix, make as directed but add nuts & cinnamon to the batter then top with cream cheese frosting/buttercream frosting. 

The ingredients for the yogurt bar are up to you but I started off with plain vanilla yogurt with - 


You could buy granola or make your own. I am so horrible at just gestimating but I used to make my own & it was super simple. I combined oats, cinnamon & nuts. Melted some butter & added agave/honey to it then mixed in with the oats combo. I baked it at 350 degrees at b/w 20-30 minutes. I know there are A LOT of homemade granola recipes out there you can choose from with more specifics than I just gave you. 


Peaches...these were on sale & tasted super delish. 

And ofcourse the beautiful strawberries. 

Some more suggestions - 

Assorted Cereals
Whipped Cream
Dried Fruit (cranberries, apricots, etc)
Dark Chocolate Shavings 
Pound Cake/Shortcake 

I topped my yogurt with agave but honey will do...or even the option of maple syrup. 

You can also serve the yogurt in wine glasses/goblets/juice glasses. 

Maybe Kauri & Rachael will let us "crash" their baby shower brunch & you can see more of their great ideas! ;p 

Thanks for being patient with me during this crazy week! Have you ever had one like that? Are you experiencing one now? ;p 

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  1. I'm not your mom...and I like your weekend wraps! The yogurt bar is a great idea....especially since I have a lot of friends with a gluten allergy. Seriously - very good suggestions on the menu! (there would be something for each of my friends since the following allergies are represented: dairy, eggs, gluten, and nuts. We are high maintenance!) :) Thanks for all your great tips and ideas.

    1. Sorry for my delayed response, Whitney. I really appreciate your input. I didn't even think it would perfect for those with gluten allergies! It seems like there are so many people I know with gluten allergies or others that you mentioned! Great point! Hey...& thanks for the encouragement about the weekend wrap parties! :p I'm sure my mom didn't pay you much, so I appreciate you saying that! ;p

  2. Thank you for sharing these ideas as I am planning a baby shower brunch party for my sister who is in her last trimester. I am sure that event venue Chicago I have booked will be an apt place and everyone will like arrangements there.


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