Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Household Item Place Card Holder

Have you ever been setting up for a party, only to realize you forgot something? Something important?

What do you do? I'm not gonna lie...most times I kinda panic at first then stuff an extra cupcake in my mouth (because usually I don't eat much the day of a party & because carbs + sugar always help you feel better ;p).

Last weekend, I threw a birthday party for my husband. I can't show you the pictures yet (hopefully soon). But I forgot to make sure I had something to hold the food labels. Ugh...party foul. But you know me, I like to take party fouls & turn them into party fun.

So, I grabbed two things I had around the house -

A Bottle Cap & A Paper Clip

* I spray painted the bottle cap silver & let it dry
* Took my trusty glue gun & glued the paper clip to the bottle cap so it was upright. 

Voila - 

If this wasn't a last minute project I think I would've spray painted the little glue hump too. ;p 

So put away your wallet!
Don't spend money on those menu card holders...or even place card holders...just start saving your bottle caps. We usually buy Mexican coke bottles from Costco (it isn't made with the high fructose corn syrup) so we have quite a storehouse of bottle caps. ;p 

Have you ever forgotton something for a party you were throwing? 

Hope you have a great week & Mothers Day! If you're wanting a last minute Mothers Day gift, check out this project

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  1. Coming over to visit from The Frugal Homemaker where you commented earlier :)

    I love your blog! Adding to my reader! I was just about to email you and ask you if you had some cheap food label holders ideas - for a wedding! :)

    this is genius! do you have any other cheap ideas?

    1. Christina...thank you so much for stopping by! Your comment really encouraged me at just the right time. Thank you!

      If you're looking for some cheap ideas for a wedding, I did our wedding reception in our backyard for less than $5,000. You can see the pictures & some of my ideas here: http://partiesforpennies.blogspot.com/2011/08/biggest-party-of-my-life-part-1.html & here: http://partiesforpennies.blogspot.com/2011/08/biggest-party-of-my-life-part-2.html

      Hope that helps! If you need anything more specific, just comment here or email me: heidi@heidirew.com

      Thanks again Christina! Have a great day!

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  3. I just say how you come up with this...I'll keep these in mind and take help from here regarding Gift Card envelopes.


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