Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Nautical Themed Favor

Are you a coffee drinker? We certainly are! As in...we have to buy our coffee filters & coffee from Costco because we go through it so fast (it's just me & my husband). ;p

The other morning, when I made my morning cup o' joe, I saw some potential in those plain jane coffee filters.

I thought, 'those would make some great nautical themed party favors'! 

First you need the cone coffee filters, some bamboo skewers or small dowels, a glue stick, white paint pen & scrapbook paper. 

Cut out a couple of circles for the front of the favor. 

Glue them to the front. 

Cut out a long triangle & glue to the top of the dowel/skewer. 

I just wrote out Thank You with my white paint pen but a nice printable would look much better! ;p 

Glue the top of the filter half way across. Add the pendant as well & secure. 

Fill the favors with whatever kind of goodies you'd like and seal the other side. M&Ms, jelly bellys & other candies would work perfect. 

Some other variations could be sewing the top of the filters closed, adding some ribbon to the top of the filter or some small rope. 

Here's the breakdown: 

Time: 10 minutes per favor (could be less by doing a lot at a time) 
Cost: $0.50 per favor 
Level of Difficulty: Easy 

Hope this helps your next nautical party sail! :-) 

What's your favorite beach? Is there a certain beach you go to each summer? 

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  1. Two thoughts:
    1. I think that you could actually fill them with coffee-people could put them straight into their coffee pots for usage (just make a note as to how many tablespoons are included.
    2. Could you use them for drawer freshener thingies? Just fill with lavendar, etc.

  2. Oh wait, what about filling them with chocolate covered coffee beans or just coffee beans?


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