Sunday, May 20, 2012

Weekend Wrap Party - party area organization

Hey friend!

Do you have something in your life that when you complete it, you feel a huge sense of accomplishment? It could be crossing something off your to do list, seeing your child showing love to someone that other people leave out, it could be resisting that urge to eat the whole 1/2 gallon of ice cream :p...What is it for you? 

Besides party planning, my sense of accomplishment comes from organization! You know how I knew my husband was the man for me? He bought a label maker for Christmas. Oh yeah, I get flustered just thinking about it. ;p (The fact my husband got me a label maker, not flustered over the label maker. Geesh, I'm not that OCD ;p) 

This weekend it was time to tackle my craft/party area. We just finished our basement & there is still a lot to do but Mike was so awesome & put together these cabinets so I could organize all my craftiness. 

Here's the before.... (scary) 

And the after...

I apologize for the lighting. When I finished the sun was beginning to set & there's only one tiny window down there.

I tried to use things I already had. I just hot glued some ribbon onto this empty frame & put a dry erase sheet in it. 

All of my markers & scrapbook paper is color-coded now & I'm in heaven. ;p 

I cut some strips from the dry erase sheets I had to make labels that could be easily changed. The dry erase sheets I got from Pick your Plum. You should check it out. You sign up for daily email deals & they send you great deals on all kinds of craft items. 

It is so nice having a place for everything! :-) 

While I was working with ribbon & scrapbook paper, Mike was busy working on his voiceover studio. That was the big reason we finished our basement, to create a voiceover studio. I do some voiceover work too, but not on the scale that my husband, Mike does. You can check out his skillz on his site

He was working on this little nook right here. That's where we'll set up the microphone & a stand. The rest of the room will be the sound equipment & I'm gonna try & help accessorize it. ;p 

If you turn that little corner, this is your view. It's amazing how you sound in the main part, compared to this little area. 

Another BIG part of my weekend was getting the Parties for Pennies logo designs back from the amazingly talented Kimberly Herbert (she also did our photography for our reception & the Mad Men party). My only problem is I can't choose which one I like best. I thought I'd enlist you to help me choose. Leave a comment & let me know which one you like the best. 




What do you think? You see how this is a hard decision?! :p 

Kim really did a great job! If you are wanting a logo designed, you can contact her via her photography site

Thanks in advance for your help on picking a logo design! Hope you had a great weekend! Let me know what you did this weekend, too! Share in the comments below. 

Stop back in this Wednesday for part 2 of the Mad Men Party! 
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  1. I like number 2 and everything looks so amazing. I wish I could do this for my computer room, but I somehow work better with a slight mess on my desk.

    1. Thanks Kristy! I'm sure there will be a mess there sooner than later. ;p Mike is just happy that mess has migrated from our kitchen table. ;p

  2. Number 1 is the best! LOVE the craft area!!!

    1. Thanks Jenny! I was leaning to the 1st one too!

  3. Here's my two cents...cents...pennies...get it? Okay, I'm corny. :-) Anyway, I like the coloring of #2, but the design of #3. I like the "for" on the left side in #3, but the bright coloring of "Parties" on #2. Also, is there a way that the decorative dots could be turned into pennies or some type of coin look?

    Great job with the room! I'm sure you have a plethora of crafts you're itching to do now that you have such a great space to work in! :-)

    1. lol, I loved your corny joke Mandi! :p Thank you so much for your input in the logo! I sooo appreciate your eye & advice! Hope you're doing well!

  4. I am probably going to sound weird but I like the first logo the best.

    Thanks for all you do and I am a georgia peach and I love your radio station.

    Jesus loves you and he will never forsake you!!

    1. There is no sounding weird on this blog. ;p If there was, I'd be the most guilty! :p Thanks so much for taking time to comment & throw your vote in! Hope you have a great weekend Natalie!


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