Tuesday, June 5, 2012

DIY Sparklers (fire free)

Just as I was getting used to May, June decided to creep up! So why not just go with it & say hello to July? The 4th of July to be exact.  

I love the 4th of July...celebrating our freedom, the food, the colors & ofcourse...the fireworks. If you have kids (or if you're clumsy like me ;p) you have to make sure there are certain safety precautions. Unless...you're dealing with fire-free sparklers

This is a fast & easy craft you can do with your kids. If it's on Parties for Pennies, you know it's not gonna cost a fortune. 

Washi Tape
Glue gun or tape (depending on if you're doing it with your children or not) 

1. Tear off a 9" long piece of foil 
2. Fold it over three times. The width should be 3". 
3. Cut 2" strips down the length of the foil, leaving about an inch at the base. 
4. Glue/tape the end of the dowel to one end of the foil. 

5. Roll the foil strip around the end of the dowel. 
6. Glue/tape the end of the foil strip to the dowel. 
7. Take your washi tape & start wrapping it around. 

These could be great 4th of July centerpieces, a fun kids craft or you could do smaller dowels & use to decorate a cake. 

Have you ever had a "fire oops" happen during 4th of July...or any time for that matter? 
I'd love to hear about it. Thanks so much for stopping by! This Friday, we have a kids birthday party feature that is literally out of this world...Star Wars style. Pop back in this Friday! 
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  1. These are just precious!! Thank you for sharing at Uncommon! featuring these today on our FB page! :)


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