Friday, June 1, 2012

Party Feature - 1 year old birthday

Hope you've been having a great week! 

Mike & I took off yesterday & today to...paint. Yeah...we're two wild & crazy kids. ;p We are so close to being done painting so we wanted to knock this sucker out. And I have to say, we've been kickin some booty & takin numbers. ;p Once the rooms are set up, I'll try & share it with you. 

I normally don't post on Fridays, but an old friend of mine threw an adorable one year birthday party for her little girl & I had to share her pictures. My friend's name is Jacqueline & we used to work together years ago. She lives in Florida now so I don't really get to see her very much but thank goodness for facebook. Jacqueline is an interior designer & ROCKS at it! Seriously! I would like to "pin" the heck out of her house! ;p It's no surprise that she created a picture perfect birthday party to celebrate her daughters first year. 

Isn't that the most gorgeous banner?! 

What a fun way to greet the guests! 

Now do you see what I mean when I say her house is amazing?! 

I love the steel-looking letters that say, "one." 

Again, another gorgeous banner!

Not too many things more beautiful than a lantern chandelier! 

I absolutely adore that tablecloth & the centerpiece is so stylish yet simple. 

And here's her daughter Annie! She is beautiful just like her mother! 

See...beautiful just like her mother! I just had to show you Annie's adorable little bday outfit! So cute.

Hope you have a great weekend! Mike & I are headed to a really fun themed party tonight & I'm so excited! Hint: It has something to do with the East Coast. I'll share the pictures with you on Monday's Weekend Wrap Party. 
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