Friday, June 8, 2012

Friday Feature - Star Wars Party

How has your week been? Either way, the weekend is here...woot woot! :-) 

Last Friday, I met a beautiful mom of two little boys, named Michawne, is someone after my party planning heart! She did an incredible job planning this Low Country Boil party! She was telling me about a Star Wars party she did for her oldest son & it sounded the bomb diggity so I asked her if I could share it with you.

Why yes, that is a Death Star cake & yes Michawne did it herself. Uh huh...that's pure talent right there! 

Love the hanging light sabers. 

Did anyone else have nightmares about Jabba after seeing Star Wars? Jabba & that open pit thing with the teeth, as well as the snake scene in Indiana they caused some crazy dreams! ;p 

It's a little blurry so if you aren't able to tell, this says "Hans Solo Hoagies." 

Pin the saber on the Yoda! Love it! Oh...and all those light sabers to the right of it...Michawne made them out of PVC pipe & the swimming noodles. Brilliant, huh? 

This is the Death Star pinata which I think almost resulted in Michawne's death. ;p jk She tried many times to craft this. 

The kids had to go through jedi training! 

Get Darth Vader with your light laber, get him! ;p 

Michawne also made these jedi robes for each of the kids. 

And this was the birthday boy, Lucas! 

Great job, Michawne! Check back to Parties for Pennies next week because I'm going to be announcing some BIG news! 

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