Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Luck be a Lady?? Nope...not this lady, at least not tonight

Sure, other websites may have perfect little pictures, easy to follow instructions, amazing tutorials & the WOW factor. BUT...me...I prefer to show you the imperfections...the failures...the "ohmygoodnessdidatwoyearolddothat?" I like to say I help you feel better about yourself! :p

Confession: I always strive to make my party projects something Martha Stewart would be proud of.  But the reality of it is...there are disasters, flops, cry-on-the-kitchen-floor-in-a-puddle-of-homemade-german-chocolate-cake-batter-that-just-cap-sized failures.

This St Patty's day post is one of those times!

I envisioned creating a snack-type kids St Patty's day post.

Problem # 1: I was going to make mint chocolate chip meringue four leaf clovers. Apparently, meringue is harder to make than I thought. I had made meringue cookies before but somewhere between then & now I lost the meringue mo-jo. The usual fluffy, full dollops came out flatter than me...at 9 years old when I wanted so badly to have an excuse to buy a training bra (Woah...TMI, sorry). They were pitiful looking & I SOOO wish I had taken a picture because you would've gotten a great laugh!

Problem # 2: Time...wasn't on my side. I wanted to "set the stage" with a whole lot more pizazz but I ran out of time to get supplies.

Ok...so I guess that's all the problems I ran into. Overall, it just didn't turn out exactly how I wanted it. But let this be a lesson to us all  to me that using our creative juices sometimes gives us watered down lemonade. (Ok, so maybe not the best analogy)

Here are a few ideas if you want to set up a snack station for kids for St Patty's day:

First up...this is so simple, inexpensive & a fun St Patty's day treat that won't give anyone a hang over. Side note: I borrowed these mugs from Mike (my main squeeze) and he definitely mentioned something about his beer mugs being emasculated ;p) 

Taste the rainbow! :-) The hardest part about this was separating the skittle colors. According to my research, the Skittles peeps really do put an equal amount of each color in the bag. Personally, I would be happy if Skittles only came in red & purple. Yes, I discriminate. :p (only with skittles people)

Can I give a shout out to my sister Meg that helped me separate these during our weekly Bachelor viewing? :p 

Like my pot of gold? That is a cauldron I had left from Halloween. I placed a bowl inside, made up some pineapple jello (you could also do lemon, pineapple just looked intriguing to me), cut it into squares & voila...a pot of gold. :-) 

So...not exactly how I wanted it all to work out...but to make up for it, I'm including a couple more ideas from other sites that I thought were really cute.

Aren't these adorable? So fun. The recipe & instructions can be found here: http://familyfun.go.com/st-patricks-day/st-patricks-day-recipes/st-patricks-day-desserts/taste-a-rainbow-cupcakes-842128/

Here is another recipe for Guinness cupcakes...yummy! 

So...there it is...my semi-failure St Patty's day post. I PROMISE you will love the idea I share next week. It is soooo simple, so inexpensive & perfect for Spring. 

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