Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Simple Spring Cupcake Topper...

If you preferred the cliff notes over the 200lb novel...this post is for you! :-)

Here are simple spring cupcake toppers & will only set you back a few pennies!

Those are cherry-flavored yogurt covered pretzels! You can buy 24 of those pretzels for about $1.75 from the Fresh Market. Stack the icing high on the cupcake, then take two pretzels & place the half circle ends together. Position your butterfly on one side of the delicious pyramid of icing, allowing the "hump" side (I can't help it...I had to take a quick break to let out a little of Fergie's "My humps, my humps...my..." now it's in your head isn't it? sorry :p) to slightly make almost a 45 degree angle. It does look especially pretty when you can swirl the icing onto the cupcake with the round icing tip. 

Here's another view...

For the cupcake stand, I used glass plates stacked on top of glass dishes. And our "runner" was some extra napkins the hostess had in her cabinet. 

What about you? Do you have any penny-pinching cupcake topping ideas? I'd love to hear them! 

Next week, we're going to crash a party & you. do. not. want. to miss out on these recipes. (I hope my English teacher isn't reading my blog :p) 

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