Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Pom Pom's Aren't Just for Cheerleaders...

They're perfect for penny-pinching party-ers!

On my last post, I promised you I would give you a tutorial for making those fun looking pom poms that Taylor & her sister Suzanne made. Well, here it is & I promise you ANYONE can do this & you don't have to buy any supplies...I bet you already have them at your house (unless you want certain colors).

IMPORTANT SIDE NOTE: If you were blown away by the pictures of Taylor & Suzanne's fiesta, like I was...That was all Suzanne! Come to find out, she's quite the photographer. She's done weddings, portraits...she KNOWS what she's doing. In fact, I'm pleading with Taylor right now to talk Suzanne into doing a guest post to give us rookies some great photo-taking tips! If you're like me, the term "aperture" makes me eyes twitch. Which is why you guys have to endure my Iphone pics...but not for long. I just bought a decent camera, but wouldn't you know...I brought it to B'ham last weekend & left it. Yep...that's a day in the life of Heidi.

So...without further ado...Pom Poms (you can also find how to do this on Martha Stewarts website, my hero, but I do add a couple of tweaks)

Here's what you need:


I already had the white tissue paper & the tie was from and old loaf of bread. :-) Oh...and you'll also need scissors. I used 8 sheets of tissue paper.


Fold the tissue paper up accordion style.

Once it is all folded, tie the twist-tie in the middle & secure. 

Take the scissors & cut a round edge at either end. (I did round, but you could do a triangle...or even use one of those paper punchers to make a cute design at the end) 

Then with as much care as trying not to get your freshly painted fingernails smudged (:-), pull apart the tissue layers. This was honestly the hardest part of the whole thing. I did rip one of the sheets. Oops. But my momma always said, "When crafting, there's nothing you can't fix." And I fixed it...with some handy dandy scissors. Here's a tip that may help you: Fan out the bases closest to the twist-tie center to loosen it up, then begin slowly pulling the sheets apart. 

See, my momma was right! :p I just used some old ribbon that I had to hang it from the chandelier. If you didn't want people to notice that it's hanging from a ribbon...also try dental floss or fishing wire. 

Thanks again to Taylor & Suzanne for letting us crash their party & inspiring us by those cute pom poms! Suzanne, we'll be begging on our knees for the photog tips! :-) 

Check back next week because I'll show you some really cute St Patty party ideas! 

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