Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Party Crashers

Every time I drive by one of the big fancy smancy mansions in Buckhead & they're having a party...I always fantasize about trying to crash it. But, they'd see my Merona purse & my Walmart flats & I'd get kicked out in 10 seconds flat.

But you & me...we're going to be able to live out that fantasy today! Kinda. It may not be a Buckhead mansion but it's quite the fiesta & no one is kicking us out!

Here's the story: Taylor, my wonderful co-worker & friend, joined forces with her sister to throw her mom a birthday party she wouldn't forget. Without the Buckhead budget (btw...for those that don't live in Atlanta, Buckhead is like the Beverly Hills of the area...swanky), Taylor & her sister were able to create a real-life Mexican fiesta. Let's get busy crashin'...

Isn't that a vibrant table setting? The ladies were able to save some pennies by buying the flowers from Publix for $4.99 & arranging them. By using the tissue paper around the base, it doesn't matter what you use for a vase. That old empty can of baked beans...not only good for your heart but a fiesta flower centerpiece (I'm not sure what they used for the base, just an example. I wanted to clarify before you think of Taylor downing cans of baked beans. Sorry Taylor).

Taylor & her sister were so smart to use solid color plates but to spice it up with some fiesta napkins. Fun napkins are one of the cheapest ways to add some pizzaz without breaking the bank. 

This is one of my favorite party crafts that anyone can do! Don't they just look awesome?? I love the way Taylor & her sister used the different colors too. I will post a tutorial tomorrow on how to create your very own party pom-poms! :-)

Whether you like your margarita with a little somethin' somethin' in it or you like it like Madonna (like a virgin, if you didn't get it), you are going to love how simple & easy these are. Taylor & her sister just mixed sprite & minute maid limeade (add together with some ice in the blender or get the frozen limeade) for their penny-saving margaritas. If you like the somethin' somethin'...just add it to the sprite/limeade mixture. 

Umm...anyone else hungry?? This is the only bad part about virtual party crashing! If you comment some really nice things to Taylor...she may even give me some of the recipes to this spread! She makes this chocolate cake that is out of this world, so I know everything here had to be Rachel Ray good.

Here are few more penny saving things they did:

Decorated the table with yellow, red & orange peppers
For dessert...they bought a $9 key lime pie from Costco

What did you think about your first Party Crashing experience? If this isn't your first, you are now elevated to a new coolness level in my book! :p If you'd like me to crash your party, just take some good quality pictures, along with your tips, recipes, etc to: heidi@heidirew.com 

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