Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Fairy Dust Centerpiece

Oh hello! 

My...you are such a good looking person...and very kind...and generous...and the perfect size...and you absolutely DO.NOT.HAVE.BIG. THIGHS, they're perfect...for real...Angelina's legs WHAT??? they ain't got nothin on yours...and creativity...pinterest sminterest...if you had an extra hour in your day you could put the pins to shame...and talent, I mean seriously, how much can one person hold in their tiny little petite finger?? ;p 

Was that the pick-me-up you needed this week? ;p
 Sometimes we need someone that's not our husband/boyfriend, or sister or best friend to just tell us "you pretty much rock!" or just a "thank you" will suffice sometimes. ;p 

That actually does lead me to what this post is about...
(said Mary Katherine Gallagher aka Superstar way) 

One of my 2 readers Sonia Najera asked me for a centerpiece idea. Her daughters' elementary school was having a Daddy/Daughter dance (awww...how sweet) & the theme was "Daddy's Little Princess." She wanted to stay away from the Disney princess theme but they were on a very, very tight budget. This was an idea I thought of for her. 


Glasses from Goodwill or
Old baby food jars, salsa jars and/or pasta sauce jars

Glitter of your choice 
Glitter Glue (I'm sure you can use most glue for this but I used Martha Stewart's)

Start by covering the outside of your glass in glue. Try & make sure it's as even as possible. 

Once you've glued your glass guzzle it in the glittery glitter. 
I have this love of alliteration. It's a sickness. 

You could sprinkle the glitter on but it worked faster for me to pour the glitter on a paper plate & start it rollin.
 Rollin on the glitter...rollin...rollin....rollin on the glitter. These big glasses started shinin, yeah...they were lookin fine (an)...and they were rollin (I'm making up new words to Proud Mary). Sorry...I'm posting this way too late! ;p

Ta-da! :-) Now THAT's something Mary would be proud of. ;p

I used three different colors of glitter. The white one didn't give me that shimmer I really wanted but it still looked pretty grouped with the rest of them. 

Those silver confetti pieces are actually made from foil!

I took a small piece of foil & folded it a couple times then used my hole punch to make the confetti. 

I was kinda digging what I was left with! Wanna start a foil bracelet trend? ;p 

I filled all the sparkly centerpieces or you could call them fairy dust centerpieces...whatever floats your shimmer, with candles. 

They made the table feel really special & girly & princess-ey. :-) 

So...there you have it people...a cheap & easy centerpiece idea. 

I can't wait to share with you what I'm doing this weekend! :-) I'll give you a hint...I'm gonna need to dig out my gloves & scarf! (If you don't live in Atlanta...it's been quite a warm winter) 

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Adios Partying Amigos! 


  1. brilliant! I will be using this for our girl parties....since I have 3 daughters they will be used much! :)

    1. May the glitter be with you, Whitney! ;p Hope the Navy Beans love it! ;p

  2. I have 2 little boys and one big boy (my husband) but I'm going to make these and sparkle up my table anyway!! ;)

    Thanks for the pick-me-up - it WAS just what I needed!! And thanks for noticing my toned thighs - I've been working on them!! ;) Angelina needs to eat a sandwich, she looks ghastly.

    Thanks, Heidi! You rock & I SooOo enjoy you and Mike on the Fish! Y'all are too cute. <3

    1. You go glitter girl! ;p Yep...you work those toned thighs! I thought her pose was hilarious! Maybe it's because I'm girl & not a boy...but it just looked silly, not really sexy. But now I will randomly break into that pose around the house. Mike definitely adds that to the reasons he thinks I'm crazy! ;p

  3. Aaawww!!! Thanks Heidi so much for your beautiful ideas! We will definitely use this for our next year father/daughter dance. I was too late with your idea so we had to use something simple but pretty at the end. Next year I will definitely pick your brain with a lot of time in advance once I find out the theme!!
    Love you and God bless you and Mike!!

    Sonia Najera

    1. I'm so sorry I didn't post it in time, Sonia! I'm sure the centerpieces were awesome! Have an awesome week!

  4. Hi, Heidi! I wanted to let you know that you should check out this morning's post (the one before Weekend Bloggy Reading). There might be a surprise there for you. ;) ;)

  5. Do you think they would be to tacky for using at a wedding respiration?
    I am trying to find cheep ideas because I don't have a lot of money to spend on it but I don't want my wedding to look to childish and tacky.

    1. Rebecca,

      I don't think they'd end up looking tacky at all. If I were you, I'd go with either silver or gold glitter. That will make it look really classic & chic. The purple & pink may give off the air of being more childish or princessy. What are your colors? When's your wedding? And what is the theme or vision you have? If you want to email me, I can help give you some more ideas or inspiration. My email is: heidi@heidirew.com. And CONGRATULATIONS!!! Planning a wedding is one of the most exciting & stressful things ever! ;p Everything is going to turn out great!

      <3 Heidi Rew


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