Sunday, February 5, 2012

Weekend Wrap Party

Hey there! This was intending to be a "Weekend Swap Party" but no one wanted to swap with me. :-( I still would LOVE to hear a highlight of your weekend so please feel free to share in the comments! If you want to share the your highlight of the coming weekend, just email me: 

The highlight of this past weekend was lunch at a place called Serenbe outside of Atlanta in Palmetto, Ga. My dad took me for my birthday. 

You may have heard of Serenbe because HGTV has built a dream home there. While we were exploring today, we stumbled upon it.

It looked beautiful from the outside & I'm sure on the inside as well. HGTV was actually filming so we weren't allowed to go inside. One of the producers, Richard, was really kind to us & took a break from his lunch to say hello. 

Am I the only geek that would actually take a picture of the HGTV van?? ;p

It turned out to be a gorgeous day! We were driving around with the windows down. 

We ate at the Farmhouse at Serenbe. Their menu changes every weekend depending on what is fresh from the garden. 

Due to the recommendation of our waitress, I ended up going with the fried chicken. Ummm...I am a Southern girl. I have had a lot of fried chicken in my life. This. was. the. BEST. fried chicken I have ever tasted! It was soo juicy & so tender. The sides (cabbage & mashed potatoes) were having a party in my tummy as well. Yum! 

The sun was so bright we had a hard time getting a decent picture. :-( But we were happy for the sun...

We stopped by a bakery after lunch but just ended up getting some coffee. They were having a cupcake sale....$1/cupcake...but they had already ran out of cupcakes for the day. My tummy was sad but my thighs were happy. ;p 

It was a great afternoon. Awesome conversation with my dad who is just an incredible father, fun time catching up with old friends at my parents church, out of this world meal & a fun little adventure to Serenbe

Oh...the team I was rooting for won! Hope you had an awesome weekend as well! 

Stop by this Wednesday for a money-saving version of a cupcake carrier! 


  1. Hi Heidi, Thanks for stopping by and commenting on my cookies! : ) My weekend highlight was visiting my Grandmother in South Georgia with my kids. Her health is failing quickly, so we had been urged to visit asap. It was so good to see her, but so sad, too. :( I've never heard of Serenbe - but will have to check it out. The food looks amazing! And what a cute bakery! Happy Birthday to you, Heidi! Hope you have a great one!! ~ Aimee

    1. Oh Aimee...I'm so sorry about your grandmother. I lost my grandmother last Christmas & it was really hard. She was one of the reasons I started this blog. Thank you for the sweet bday wishes! I hope you have a great week & I'll keep you & your grandmother in my prayers! :-)


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