Sunday, February 19, 2012

Weekend Wrap Party

Hey there! I hope you had a great weekend! 

It was pretty busy for us & kinda left us wanting one more day before work. But don't we all wish that sometimes/most times? ;p 

Mike (the hott hubby) & I did something really awesome this past weekend! We've been raising money for Special Olympics Georgia for the Polar Plunge event they have here at Lake Lanier. Mike & I had a competition. Whoever had the least amount of people on their team, had to jump in at the Polar Plunge. Guess who had the least amount of people? Mike. ;p 

I honestly didn't even care whether or not I had to go in or not. I really love what Special Olympics GA does & it's especially important to me because my youngest brother Clayton was born with Apertsyndrome. He's my buddy! He's so funny, smart and is such a joy to our whole family! 

These are the pictures from our time at the Polar Plunge. If you feel compelled to help Special Olympics GA, they are always looking for volunteers & donations. You can visit their website here

That's myself & Mike with the Fish promotions team. If you hadn't noticed...I have a chicken hat on! :p 

There were lots of "plungers" that came in costume...

Where's Waldo? 

These two atheletes weren't only good at sports...they were dancin up a storm! 
I'm not gonna lie...I got some dance moves from em & I can't wait to bust em out! 

See...what'd I tell you? 

This is my friend Rea! She is one of the funniest, sweetest girls you'll ever meet! She even brought me some sweet gifts on my birthday! 

This is Annie, Little Miss Dacula. She is pretty on the outside but also on the outside. She's only, I think, 11 years old but has logged TONS of community service hours. Such a precious girl!

This is my hottie husband, Mike & Stu (a marketing rep at the radio station)...the brave ones that took the dip first!'s the proof...fully submerged! 

Back to dry land & a warm towell! 

This is Mike & myself with Paige Copeland. She babysat me when I was a little girl & is the sweetest most joy-filled person you'll ever meet! 

If you've just started following Parties4Pennies, first of all...thank you. Second, I really do post about parties but I've started doing a weekend wrap party. I tell you about my weekend & I'd love to hear about yours too! 

Check back this Wednesday for a post about a Curious George Party! 

Have a great week!

<3 Heidi Rew 

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