Sunday, February 26, 2012

Weekend Wrap Party

Hi! Hope you had a great weekend! I bet it was more exciting than mine! ;p 

This weekend, Mike (my hottie husband) & I had to work on Saturday. Besides work we ran some errands, watched church online (Buckhead/Northpoint), worked around the house & had a friend over for dinner Saturday. 

These are just some snapshots I took over the weekend. 

Since we don't have kids yet, we tend to play show & tell with our dog, Guinness. He's an only dog so he loves the attention. :p 

Just an FYI...if you ever meet Guinnes...this is his cue for you to rub his belly. ;p 

Okay, sorry. Enough of Guinness. 

The moon looked so gorgeous Saturday night! 

The reason we were outside was because Mike was cookin up these babies! 

This was our conversation on Friday - 

Mike: Hey know what I'm really craving for Saturday night? 
Steak! (said in a really excited, giddy voice) 
Heidi: there any night you're NOT craving steak? 
Mike: hmmm...good point 


It was a wonderful meal with great company! Notice Guinness in the back ground licking his lips! ;p 

Come back Wednesday for a sparkly party project! 

And...Parties for Pennies finally has a facebook fan page! Grab yourself a snack & give P4P some "like" action! 

Have a fab Monday! 

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  1. I think we should write a blog together next week for our upcoming weekend! :)


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